Ta-da! We’re particularly excited about starting WProofreader Journal. 

No, it’s not another product blog from your subscription list. It’s going to be your guide in the world of effective business communication, intelligent proofreading, and natural language processing.

We’ll be sharing our news, updates and changes of WProofreader, industry insights, useful to-dos and guides on how to check grammar and spelling effectively. And also, we’ll lift the veil of what’s going on behind WProofreader development. It’ll be exciting, we promise. 

This welcome blog post is an overture to our future plans and just another chance to say hello and introduce our company and WProofreader.

How this all started out

So, we’re WebSpellChecker, a dev team behind the family of multilingual spell, grammar and punctuation checking solutions. WProofreader is our major product we put a lot of time and resources into. But it wasn’t always that way.

WebSpellChecker was a pioneer on the market of proofreading services. We started 21 years ago when dinosaurs inhabited the virgin territories of the web. Joke!

Our first solutions appeared long before Grammarly and LanguageTool broke into the market.

They came as spell-check plugins and libraries for devs to integrate them into the clients’ software or make projects from scratch. Hello to our old-old clients!

We were bothered by building server- and cloud-based integrations compatible with different platforms, browsers, editors, html elements.

With a lapse of time, we created plugins for rich text editors, WordPress and Slack, WProofreader as a standalone solution and web API for developers.

We discovered new opportunities and found new target audiences. For many years, we’ve been serving the legal, finance, education, governmental, and tech sectors. And our cloud and server-based spell checkers have almost replaced dictionaries and human editors (we want to believe that :).

The thing was that all our products came with a traditional rules-based engine. Not so fast and not so accurate, unfortunately. Until 2019.

And here AI comes

Two years ago we started building an advanced AI engine for our solutions, a super man combating typos and mistakes.

Step-by-step we were advancing the AI engine, tweaking it for new languages and … the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The new business conditions have shown that people can live online, do business online and communicate online. Online has become a new norm.

And we strive to add value to this digitalization mainstream. We know how to make your business more profitable, reliable and credible by improving your daily communication. That’s why we chose a new vector for development – a grammar and spell checker extension for popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. 

No, not a Grammarly-like. 

The one that can be installed on your server-side. The one that is super-secure. The one that provides high-quality results and cuts your time and money on manual proofreading.

The one that supports your brand reputation and voice.

WProofreader – the reviewer and safeguard of your texts

Here it is – WProofreader, robust grammar, spell and punctuation checker for teams and companies speaking multiple languages. 

Companies can take the sentence checker from the shelf, install on their premises and proofread in browsers. Comfy!

Security has always been our top priority, that’s why we go beyond basic data encryption and offer an alternative way to process and store data – on your own server.

And in the background of recent concerns regarding data privacy and security, vendor robustness is king.

No data leakage (ok, some probability still exists), absolute confidentiality, full access control and activity monitoring. Your data is YOUR data.

WProofreader features
your benefits
multilingual text checker
proofread in 20+ languages, auto-detect errors in mixed docs;
a handy instant corrector of common spelling issues;
integrations with business software
check texts in your fav online soft/tool;
personalization options
tweak and customize WProofreader settings, choose a theme, build dictionaries;
create custom company-wide and user word lists, use our legal and med dictionaries.
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WProofreader browser extension

Free for individual users and 14 days-trial for business users.

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What’s next?

Psst, we’ve got some plans, but promise to keep them  a secret. Cool new features for WProofreader will be rolled out soon: user management and statistics, brand tone of voice and style guide builder, and auto-complete suggestions. 

Oh yes, and it will be Cloud-based in case you want us to protect your data. Just wait a bit.

So, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by. If you’re our regular client, we greatly appreciate your business and loyalty. Not familiar with our products/services? Let us know any questions we can help you with.